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Figure 4

From: Photo-activation of the hydrophobic probe iodonaphthylazide in cells alters membrane protein function leading to cell death

Figure 4

INA-UV induced apoptosis in Hela cells is also caspase dependent. A. Hela cells, pre-incubated or not with 40 μM ZVADfmk were treated with indicated amounts of INA, irradiated with UV and analyzed 24 h post treatment. Cells were stained with Annexin V and analyzed by FACS. The percentage of the population presenting high staining (PS exposure) is presented. B. Hela cells were treated with indicated amounts of INA. 24 hours upon treatment, the cells were lysed and the presence of PARP and/or cleaved PARP was assessed by Western analysis. The ratio of the two as determined by Western analysis is represented.

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