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Table 2 Yeast expression vectors used in this study

From: Functional characterization of the trans-membrane domain interactions of the Sec61 protein translocation complex beta-subunit

Plasmid name Insert Marker Source
pVT102U - URA3 [32]
YEpSBH1 SBH1(1-82) URA3 This study
YEpSBH1-TM SBH1(50-75) URA3 This study
YEpBIO-(FL)SBH1 BIO-SBH1(1-82) URA3 This study
YEpBIO-SBH1-TM BIO-SBH1(50-75) URA3 This study
YEpBIO-SBH1FL(DM) BIO-SBH1(1-82, P54S V57G) URA3 This study
YEpBIO-SBH1TM (DM) BIO-SBH1(50-75, P54S V57G) URA3 This study
YEpBIO-SBH1TM(SM1) BIO-SBH1(50-75, P54S) URA3 This study
YEpBIO-SBH1TM(SM2) BIO-SBH1(50-75, V57G) URA3 This study
YEpSBH1-FL(DM)L BIO-SBH1(1-82, P54S V57G) LEU2 This study
YEpSBH1-TM(DM)L BIO-SBH1(50-75, P54S V57G) LEU2 This study
YEpSBH1-TM(SM1)L BIO-SBH1(50-75, P54S) LEU2 This study
YEpSBH1-TM(SM2)L BIO-SBH1(50-75, V57G) LEU2 This study
p425ADH - LEU2 [35]
p426ADH - URA3 [35]
YEpBIO-SBH1TM-M1 BIO-SBH1(50-75, I65T F66S V73A I74T) URA3 This study
YEpBIO-SBH1TM-M2 BIO-SBH1(50-75, A70S) URA3 This study
YEpBIO-SBH1TM-M3 BIO-SBH1(50-75, F59L V62A F66L V69A L71S I74T) URA3 This study
YEpBIO-SBH1TM-M4 BIO-SBH1(50-75, L60P) URA3 This study
YEpBIO-SBH1TM-M5 BIO-SBH1(50-75, F64S S67P H72R) URA3 This study
YEpBIO-SBH1TM-M6 BIO-SBH1(50-75, I65V S67P) URA3 This study
YEpBIO-SBH1TM-M7 BIO-SBH1(50-75, V57A I65N L71P) URA3 This study
YEpBIO-SBH1TM-M8 BIO-SBH1(50-75, V57E L60P F66S) URA3 This study
  1. All plasmids are 2 μ-type and contain the ADH1 promoter