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Figure 3

From: Model system for the analysis of cell surface expression of human ABCA1

Figure 3

Flow cytometry analysis of cell surface expression of wild type and mutant HA-tagged ABCA1 variants. Indirect immunofluorescent labeling with anti-HA antibody and anti-mouse IgG antibody conjugated with Alexa 488 was performed with intact HEK293H and MDCKII cells expressing the different variants of HA-tagged ABCA1. Representative flow cytometry experiments demonstrate the cell surface expression of ABCA1 variants. HA-WT: (black line); HA-MK: (blue line); HA-KM: (green line); HA-MM (red line); vector (dotted line). HA-tagged ABCA1 variants showed comparable plasma membrane appearance in both MDCKII and HEK293H cells.

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