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Figure 7

From: Model system for the analysis of cell surface expression of human ABCA1

Figure 7

Effect of different drugs on the cell surface expression of HA-ABCA1 variants. Flow cytometry analysis of HEK293H cells expressing wild type or MM variant of HA-tagged ABCA1. (A, B) Representative histograms show indirect immunofluorescent staining of intact cells, using anti-HA antibody (thick lines) or mouse IgG1 (isotype control, thin black line). Treatment with 50 μM ALLN (thick black line) substantially increased, whereas 5 mg/ml BFA (dotted line) reduced the cell surface expression level of both wild type (HA-WT) and mutant (HA-MM) HA-ABCA1 variants, as compared to cells treated with vehicle only (control, grey line). (C, D) Cell surface expression of wild type and MM mutant HA-ABCA1 variants in HEK293H cells treated with 50 μM ALLN, 5 mg/ml BFA, 10 μg/ml apoA-I, 10 μM CsA, or 50 μM EZ for 4 h. Relative expression levels were expressed as the geometric mean fluorescence intensities of drug-treated cells normalized to that of vehicle-treated samples (control). Each column represents the mean ± S.E.M. of at least 3 independent experiments. (* p < 0.005; n.s.: non-significant)

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