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Figure 2

From: A novel link between Sus1 and the cytoplasmic mRNA decay machinery suggests a broad role in mRNA metabolism

Figure 2

SUS1 Interacts Genetically with Genes Encoding Components of the mRNA decay machinery. (A) Synthetic lethality of sus1Δ with lsm1Δ and pat1Δ. Double mutants containing a pRS316-SUS1 plasmid, were transformed with an empty vector (pRS313) or the same plasmid bearing a wild-type version of SUS1 (pRS313-SUS1). Transformants were streaked onto 5-fluoroorotic acid (FOA) containing plates, which were incubated at 30°C for 3 days. No growth indicates synthetic lethality. (B) Synthetic sick phenotype of sus1Δ with lsm6Δ or dhh1Δ. Wild-type (wt), single and double mutants were transformed with an empty vector (pRS316). The double mutants were also transformed with a pRS316-SUS1 (pSUS1) in order to complement the phenotype. Cells were diluted in 10-1 steps, and equivalent amounts of cells were spotted on SC-URA plates.

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