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Figure 5

From: Differentiation potential of STRO-1+ dental pulp stem cells changes during cell passaging

Figure 5

In vivo transplantation results of DPSC pellets at different passages (hematoxylin and eosin staining). (A) DPSC-P1 pellets generated bone tissues surrounded by osteoblasts (black arrows) at day 14, in which blood vessel-like structure (BV) can be observed. (B) A higher magnification of (A). Distinct osteocyte lacunae (open arrows) containing osteocytes were observed inside the bone structure and many osteoblasts (black arrows) located around the bone tissues. (C) 14-day DPSC-P1 pellets developed into a dentin-pulp complex containing dental pulp structures (DP). (D) A higher magnification of (C). Columnar odontoblasts (OB) arrayed orderly along the inner side of dentin matrix (D). Many globular odontoblasts (GOB) located along the outer side of dentin structure. (E) 14-day DPSC-P1 pellets formed cartilage tissues. (F) A higher magnification of (E). Many chondrocytes (black arrows) located inside the cartilage tissues. (G) All DPSC pellets at the 9th passage bring about the formation of bone structures. No distinct osteoblast appeared around the mineralization tissue. (H) A higher magnification of (G). Osteocyte lacunae (black arrows) containing few osteocytes inside the bone tissues. Scale bars: 50 μm.

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