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Figure 5

From: A genetic screen for modifiers of Drosophila caspase Dcp-1 reveals caspase involvement in autophagy and novel caspase-related genes

Figure 5

eGFP-Atg5 and Atg8b-GFP were expressed near condensed chromatin in Dcp-1 GF imaginal discs. (A) Adult eye phenotype of Dcp-1 GF;UAS-eGFP-Atg5. (B) GFP expression pattern in eye imaginal disc of a GMR-GAL4;UAS-eGFP-Atg5. (C) Imaginal discs of late third instar larva of Dcp-1 GF;UAS-eGFP-Atg5. (D) eGFP-Atg5 spots were observed near the morphogenetic furrow. A punctate nucleus was observed adjacent to the GFP spots. (E) LysoTracker Red spots. (F) LysoTracker Red spots and eGFP-Atg5 spots overlapped (white arrows indicate autophagosome). (D, E and F) higher-magnification images of (C). (G) Adult eye phenotype of Hs-Atg8b-GFP; Dcp-1 GF. (H) GFP expression pattern in eye imaginal disc of Hs-Atg8b-GFP larva after heat shock. (I and J) Eye imaginal discs of third instar larva of Hs-Atg8b-GFP; Dcp-1 GF. (J) Condensed chromatin was detected in the inner part (near the morphogenetic furrow) of the eye imaginal discs. Atg8b-GFP spots were observed near condensed chromatin (12 hour after five 1 hour heat shocks).

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