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Table 1 Ten first down and upregulated genes at P0 in hypoxia.

From: Long term culture of mesenchymal stem cells in hypoxia promotes a genetic program maintaining their undifferentiated and multipotent status

Gene Fold expression
Putative Function
Down Regulated    
RRM2 5.94 NM_001034 Ribonucleotide Reductase
XRCC2 5.80 CR749256 X Ray damage DNA Repair
KIF24 5.16 AK001795 Kinesin: chromatid assembly
POLQ 4.99 AF090919 DNA polymerase theta
E2F8 4.95 NM_024680 Cell cycle progression
FANCD2 4.93 NM_001018115 DNA Repair
ESCO2 4.86 NM_001017420 Sister chromatid cohesion
AURKB 4.74 NM_004217 Chromosome segregation
CENPN 4.48 AK023669 Binding to Centromeres
MKI67 4.46 NM_002417 Cell proliferation
Up Regulated    
TCF1 6.96 NM_000545 Hepatic Transcription Factor
LEP 6.39 NM_000230 Metabolism, apoptosis, angiogenesis
ANGPT2 5.69 NM_001147 Antagonise vascular remodelling
ZP1 5.47 NM_207341 Sperm binding to zona pellucida
VWF 5.41 NM_000552 Platelet binding to endothelium
GIMAP4 5.37 NM_018326 T-cell development, Tumor suppressor ?
CD93 4.56 NM_012072 Intercellular adhesion, clearance apoptotic cells
PLVAP 4.25 NM_031310 Adhesion of Vascular Endothelial cells ?
ESAM 4.24 NM_138961 Adhesion of Endothelial cells
PCDH17 4.14 NM_001040429 Cell-cell connexions in the brain
  1. Comparative analysis of transcriptome from MSC at P0 in hypoxia versus normoxia. Mean from 3 distinct samples.