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Table 2 Ten first deregulated genes at P2 in hypoxia.

From: Long term culture of mesenchymal stem cells in hypoxia promotes a genetic program maintaining their undifferentiated and multipotent status

Gene Fold expression
Putative Function
SMOC2 58.32 NM_022138 Promotion of Matrix assembly
PLEKHA6 13.59 NM_014935 Adhesion
DMKN 10.79 NM_033317 Epithelial cell differentiation
KIT 8.62 NM_000222 Stem cell Proliferation
LAMA1 8.49 NM_005559 Development Retina and Myocytes
SNTG2 7.52 NM_018968 Eye development
GPR56 6.01 NM_201525 Neural development
OXCT2 5.81 NM_022120 Ketone body utilisation
NOG 5.13 NM_005450 Neural tube fusion, joint formation
HOXA11 4.80 NM_005523 Uterine development
  1. Stimulation of plasticity genes under hypoxia according to GO analysis.