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Table 3 List of monoclonal antibodies

From: Long term culture of mesenchymal stem cells in hypoxia promotes a genetic program maintaining their undifferentiated and multipotent status

Antibody Conjugated Isotype Reference
Anti-CD34 FITC IgG1 Mouse IM1870, BC
Anti-CD45 FITC IgG1 Mouse A07782, BC
Anti-CD90 PE IgG1 Mouse IM3600U, BC
Anti-CD105 PE IgG3,k Mouse A07414, BC
Anti-CD271 PE IgG1, k Mouse 557196, BD
Anti-CD106 PE IgG1, k Mouse 555647, BD
Anti- CD166 PE IgG1, k Mouse 559263, BD
Anti-CD73 PE IgG1, k Mouse 550257, BD
Anti-CD29 APC IgG1, k Mouse 559883, BD
Anti-CD44 APC IgG2b, k Mouse 559942, BD
Anti-STRO-1 PE IgM Mouse sc-47733, SC
Isotype control APC IgG2b, k Mouse 555745, BD
Isotype control PE IgG1, k Mouse 555749, BD
Isotype control PE IgM Mouse sc-2870, SC
Isotype control APC IgG1, k Mouse 555751, BD
Isotype control FITC IgG1, Mouse A07795, BC
Isotype control PE IgG1, Mouse A07796, BC