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Figure 5

From: Intracellular trafficking as a determinant of AS-DACA cytotoxicity in rhabdomyosarcoma cells

Figure 5

(A) Arrows indicate co-localization of AS-DACA and LysoTracker™ Red observed in the RD cells. (a) Digitally magnified photograph with un-altered colour. (b) The green emission has been digitally removed highlighting the pink/purple colour that results from co-localization of AS-DACA and LysoTracker™ Red. (c) The red wavelengths are then additionally removed, further highlighting sites of co-localization. (B) Expression levels of Rab5, Early Endosome Antigen 1 (EEA1) Rab 7 and Lysosome- associated Membrane Protein 1 (LAMP1) were determined by Western blot before (-), and after (+), exposure to AS-DACA (2 × IC50) for 16 h. Tubulin was included as a loading control. Shown is a single representative blot for at least three independent experiments where the same result was found in each.

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