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Table 1 Predicted sequence variation in KlarMW

From: Targeting the motor regulator Klar to lipid droplets

AA # Observed change Exon affected Notes
633 Ser to Thr 7 a, b
1013 Ser to Thr 9 a, b
1210 Ser to Ala 11 a, c
1358 Asp to Glu 11 a, b, c
1366 Ser to His 11 a, b, c
1510 Thr to Ser 13 a, b, c
1577 Ile to Asn 14 a, b, c
Frame shift See Fig. 1A 15ext  
1887 Thr to Ser 17 a, b
1909 Ser to Ala 17 a, b
  1. The protein coding exons of klarMW were sequenced, and the predicted protein sequence was compared to the wild-type Klar sequence available on FlyBase. The position of the sequence change is given relative to the protein sequence of the originally reported Klar α protein [24]. Exons numbering follows the convention established previously [22]. Notes indicate if a particular amino acid change is shared with other klar alleles.
  2. a present in KlarZ
  3. b present in a wild-type Klar α cDNA (GenBank AAD43129, as reported in [24])
  4. c present in various wild-type klar alleles (S. Jangi, Y. Guo, MAW, unpublished observations)