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Table 1 DGC interactors are putative Dg-Dys-Syn1 regulated miRNA targets

From: Dg-Dys-Syn1 signaling in Drosophila regulates the microRNA profile

Gene name Symbol Function Targeting miRNA* Interaction
     Dg Dys
Dystrophin Dys Main DGC component miR-252 w, m -
Dystroglycan Dg Extra- intracellular signaling miR-252 - w, m
Syntrophin-like 1 Syn1 structural constituent of muscle; cytoskeletal protein binding miR-252 nt nt
Calmodulin Cam Ca2+ dependent pathways regulation miR-252* - w, m
Kinesin heavy chain Khc microtubule motor activity miR-252* - w
Sema-2a Sema-2a protein binding miR-252 w w
Sema-1a Sema-1a protein binding miR-252* w w
frazzled fra netrin receptor miR-252 - w
roundabout robo Heparin/protein binding miR-252 w, m w, m
Syndecan Sdc transmembrane receptor miR-980* - w
starry night stan receptor signaling miR-252* w w
Delta Dl Notch binding miR-252 w w
Daughters against dpp Dad TGF-β receptor miR-252* w w
thickveins tkv TGF-β receptor miR-252* - w
homeodomain interacting protein kinase hipk β-catenin binding; transcription factor binding; protein serine/threonine kinase miR-980* - w
kismet kis ATP-dependent helicase miR-252 w w
CG4496 CG4496 zinc ion binding; nucleic acid binding miR-252* - w
Plenty of SH3s POSH ubiquitin-protein ligase miR-252 w w
visceral mesodermal armadillo-repeats vimar Ral GTPase binding miR-252 w, m w
uninflatable uif Notch binding miR-980* - w
  1. * non-conserved target site among Drosophila species.
  2. w - interaction published to occur in wing development [35].
  3. m - interaction published to occur in muscle maintenance [18].
  4. nt = not tested.