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Table 1 Comparison of plaque size on rich broth and minimal media plates

From: The adhesion modulation protein, AmpA localizes to an endocytic compartment andinfluences substrate adhesion, actin polymerization and endocytosis invegetative Dictyostelium cells

Strain Plaque area (mm2) on minimal medium plates Plaque area (mm2) on rich broth plates
WT 1.41 +/−0. 17 0.94+/−0.08
KO 0.28 +/− 0.04* 0.020+/−0.002*
OE 2.33 +/− 0.28* 0.018+/−0.002*
  1. Cells were plated for 4 days on LP (minimal media plates) withE.coli B/r and for 11 days on 1/2xHL5 plates onE.coli B/r (rich broth plates). The areas of between 30to 70 plaques per strain were determined on a minimum of 5 differentplates per strain. Experiments were repeated at least 3 times withsimilar results on different days. Absolute plaque size differs withdifferent batches of plates but the relative plaque size differencesbetween strains are highly reproducible. Errors are standard errorof the mean. * indicates difference is significant from Wt (p value< 0.001). There was no significant difference in plaque sizebetween KO and OE (p value = 0.26) on rich broth plates butsignificant differences between KO and OE on minimal media plates (pvalue < 0.001).