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Table 1 Potential & used phosphorylation sites in the cytosolic domain of Sbh1p

From: N-acetylation and phosphorylation of Sec complex subunits in the ER membrane

Position Mutant Mutant complements Δsbh1Δsbh2 Position phosphorylated by mass spec References
S2 S2A * [27]
S3 S3A [28]
T5 T5A our study; [28, 29]
T12 T12A * [28]
S20 S20A *   
S21 S21A   
S27 S27A   
T33 T33A   
S35 S35A * X [29, 30]
S35 S35D   
S38 S38A [29, 30]
Y43 Y43A X   
Y43 Y43F   
S44 S44A   
T48 T48A * X   
T48 T48D   
  1. * extremely low expression levels.