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Figure 1

From: Melatonin enhances DNA repair capacity possibly by affecting genes involved in DNA damage responsive pathways

Figure 1

DNA damage repair capacity as assessed by the Comet Assay. (A) Representative cell images from each of the four treatment groups using MCF-7 cells. (B) Mean Olive tail moment determined from each of the four treatment groups using HCT-15 and MCF-7 cells. Among the samples not treated with mutagen, the difference in tail moment between cells in the control group and MLT-treated group was not significant in both cell lines (p=0.976 for MCF-7, p=0.928 for HCT-15). However, among the mutagen-treated populations, cells with MLT pretreatment had a significantly shorter mean Olive tail moment (p<0.0001 in both cell lines) compared to cells without MLT pretreatment. The error bar corresponds to mean±SD.

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