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Table 1 Functions and molecules in the top 5 networks of identified genes regulated by MLT

From: Melatonin enhances DNA repair capacity possibly by affecting genes involved in DNA damage responsive pathways

Network Score Focus molecules Top functions Molecules in network
I 34 16 DNA Replication, Recombination, and Repair, Gene Expression, Cancer ARHGAP6, C15orf23, C2CD2, C2CD4B, CCNB2, CEP63, CEP152, CR2, DCAF11, DYNLL2, GTF2IRD2B, HNRNPD, INTS2, MCART1, miR-183, miR-548f/miR-548a-3p, N4BP2L2, NEIL1, PARP11, PCNA, PCYT1B, POLB, PRDX6, RBM47*, SPAG5, SPRY2, TET1, THEM5, TRAPPC1, UBE2, UBE2A, UBE2G2, WRN, XRCC1, ZNF264/ZNF805
II 31 15 Cell-to-Cell Signaling and Interaction, Cellular Movement, Tissue Development ADARB1, APPBP2, ASAP2, CADM1, CRYBA2, DENND1A, FAM96A, FRK, GLDN, KIAA0907, LYPD1, MAP3K13, miR-450, miR-873, miR-450b-5p, miR-520d-5p/miR-524-5p, miR-548p, MUL1, NFASC, NPTN, PCSK5, PDE6D, RAD54B, RBM47*, SDHAF2, SHB, SLC16A9, STK10, TBL2, TCEB3, TET1, THSD7A, TMOD2, UBE2Q2, ZNF430
III 28 14 Cell-mediated Immune Response, Cellular Movement, Hematological System Development and Function Acan, ALOX12, ANKLE2, C2orf27A/C2orf27B, CCDC90A, CDC42, CDK5RAP2, CILP2, CLEC2D, CMA1, CST3, CTSH, EIF5A, FN1, HP, IFI27, IL13, IL11RA, ITGAE, LLGL2, miR-29b/miR-29c/miR-29a, PLUNC, RABGGTB, RCC2, RPL5, RPL23, SFTPB, SLC23A2, SOCS5, SPAG4, STAT3, TGFB1, tretinoin, WDR92
IV 28 14 Lipid Metabolism, Small Molecule Biochemistry, Cardiovascular System Development and Function ATP, C17orf90, C1orf123, Ca2+, CCDC90B, DCAF11, DMC1, FPGS, FXYD6, G protein alphai, GABRP1, GBP3, GPSM1, GRB14, GTP, HIST1H2AH, HIST2H2AA3/HIST2H2AA4, HNF4A, miR-125a-3p, miR-1267/miR-582-3p, MRPS12, NOP16, P2RX2, P2RX3, P2RX5, P2RX6, PLCB3, PRDX5, PTK6, RGL2, RPL30, RPL18A, RTCD1, TAC3, THAP4
V 23 12 Cell Death, Cellular Development, Cellular Growth and Proliferation, 26s Proteasome, Akt, BEX2, BRAP, CLIP2, CXCL3, DYRK1B, ERBB3, ERK1/2, FER, HERP, HEY1, HRAS, IDE, IL17R, IL36A, Insulin, LDL, Mapk, miR-205, NFkB, Oas1h, Olfr1508, P38 MAPK, Pdgf, PDPK1, PI3K, Pvr, Rasgrf, RGS3, RPS6KA, SIRT4, TUBB, UTS2