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Table 3 MPs levels in the plasma and body fluids of patients with cancer

From: Circulating microparticles: square the circle

Disease MPs plasma levels Reference
Acute myeloid leukemia Elevated MPs levels; decreased during chemotherapy and increased during remission;elevated CXCR4+- MPs; elevated PMPs and myeloblast-derived MPs Kalinkovich et al., 2006; Szczepanski et al., 2011; Van Aalderen et al., 2011
Acute lymphoid leukemia MPs in bone marrow aspirate Savasan et al., 2004
Acute promyelocytic leukemia Elevated CD33+TF+ MPs Ma et al., 2013
B-cell chronic lymphoid leukemia Elevated MPs levels Ghosh et al., 2009
Bladder cancer Elevated MPs containing EGFR-associated proteins Smalley et al., 2008
Brain cancer TF+ MPs not elevated Thaler et al., 2012
Breast cancer (getting endocrine therapy) Elevated MPs levels; Liebhardt et al., 2010; Trappenburg et al., 2011
Elevated annexin V+, CEA-, BCRP-, HSP27+ subpopulations of MPs
Breast cancer (metastatic) Elevated TF+ MPs levels; Tesselaar et al., 2007; Toth et al., 2008; Liebhardt et al., 2010
Elevated PMPs and annexin V+-MPs; increased annexin V+, CD66+, BCRP1+ and HSP27+ MPs
Colorectal cancer Elevated TF+ MPs levels Hron et al., 2007
Gastric cancer Elevated MPs and PMPs levels Kim et al., 2003; Baran et al., 2010
Glioblastoma multiforme Elevated procoagulant MPs Sartori et al., 2011
Gynecological cancer MPs levels are not elevated Zahra et al., 2011
Hepatocellular carcinoma Elevated MPs levels Brodsky et al., 2008
Lung cancer Elevated MPs levels Kanazawa et al., 2003
Non-small cell lung cancer Elevated AnnexinV+-MPs Fleitas et al., 2012
Melanoma Elevated MPs levels Lima et al., 2011
Multiple myeloma Elevated MPs levels Auwerda et al., 2011
Ovarian cancer Elevated MPs levels; elevated CD63+ MPs comparing with benign ovarian tumors; Elevated EpCam + MPs in ascites at advanced stage Ginestra et al., 1999; Taylor et al., 2002; Taylor, Gercel-Taylor, 2008; Rank et al., 2012; Press et al., 2012
Ovarian cancer (ascites) Elevated epithelial cell adhesion molecule-positive MPs at advanced stages Press et al., 2012
Pancreas cancer Elevated TF+ MPs Thaler et al., 2012
Prostate cancer Elevated TF+ MPs; elevated MPs levels Haubold et al., 2009; Coumans et al., 2010
Different tumor types Elevated procoagulant MPs levels Manly et al., 2010; Thaler et al., 2011
Cancer with thromboembolic complications Elevated MPs levels Zwicker JI et al., 2009
Tumor surgery (tumor mass removal) MPs decreased Zwicker et al., 2009; Sartori et al., 2011
  1. *references for Table 3 (Additional file 6).