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Figure 4

From: Glucose-induced gradual phenotypic modulation of cultured human glomerular epithelial cells may be independent of Wilms’ tumor 1 (WT1)

Figure 4

CD2AP expression in podocytes. (A) Confocal microscopic analysis (×600) for the distribution of CD2AP in HGEC. Cells were fixed and stained with anti-CD2AP antibody and AlexaFluor 488-conjugated anti-mouse IgG as secondary antibody. (B) Western blot analysis for CD2AP expression in HGEC. Total protein was extracted from HGEC:5 mM (control) (lane 1) or HGEC:25 mM (lane 4). Lanes 2 and 3 represent CD2AP expression in HGEC:5 mM-to-25 mM/2w and HGEC:5 mM-to-25 mM/18w respectively. Lane 5 represents CD2AP expression in HGEC:25 mM-to-5 mM/18w. Blots were reprobed with anti-tubulin antibody, to verify protein loads, against which the data were normalized. (C) Results were expressed as the mean ± SD of three independent experiments (*p<0.05 vs. HGEC:5 mM).

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