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Figure 6

From: In vitro three-dimensional modeling of fallopian tube secretory epithelial cells

Figure 6

FTSEC biomarker expression in 2D and 3D and cluster analysis comparing genome-wide transcriptomic profiles of 2D and 3D cultured FTSECs to follicular and luteal phase fallopian tube epithelium. (a) Expression of FTSEC biomarkers is typically higher in 3D than in 2D (i) oviductal glycoprotein 1, (ii) pregnanacy-associated plasma protein A and (iii) tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2. (b) Euclidean Pearson clustering analyses reveal that 2D cultured FTSECs cluster with follicular phase fallopian tube epithelium, whereas 3D cultured fallopian tube epithelial cells cluster with luteal phase tubal epithelium. Each point on the graph indicates an individual microarray profile, technical replicates of cultured cells are shown by colored circles, open circles denoting 2D cultured cells and closed circles denoting 3D cultured FTSECs. Black open circles indicate follicular phase fallopian tube epithelial samples, closed circles indicate luteal phase fallopian tube epithelium. Each point represents an individual patient. All patients from Georges et al. and Tone et al. [17, 18] datasets are shown.

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