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Table 3 Depletion of THOC5 gene causes bacterial infection that originated from the gastrointestinal tract

From: THOC5, a member of the mRNA export complex, contributes to processing of a subset of wingless/integrated (Wnt) target mRNAs and integrity of the gut epithelial barrier

Bacteria Percent
Gammaproteobacteria 97.9
Escherichia coli 76.7
Proteus (genomic island) 0.6
Citrobacter rodentium 0.25
Enterobacter spec. 0.1
Others 20.25
  1. Bacteria derived from mice treated with tamoxifen for 6 days were grown overnight on blood agar and the bacterial DNA was isolated. Bacterial strains were identified by sequencing as detailed in Methods. Percent of bacterial strains from all bacteria are shown.