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Table 3 Primer sequences

From: Primary porcine proximal tubular cells as an alternative to human primary renal cells in vitro: an initial characterization

Name Sequence (forward) Sequence (reverse) Product size (bp)
pGAPDH 5′-ggg cat gaa cca tga gaa gt-3′ 5′-agg cag gga tga tgt tct gg-3′ 230
pOat1 5′-tac act ggg gag ctg tac cc-3′ 5′-tct ttt cct cct gct ttc ca-3′ 246
pOat3 5′-ctt cct gtt gtc ctg gtg gt-3′ 5′-ggg aaa gac aga ggg tca ca-3′ 248
pMdr1 5′-tcc agt ttc ctt ttg gag ga-3′ 5′-tgt cct gtc gtt tgg ttt ca-3′ 176
pMrp1 5′-gca gat cac cgc ata ctt ga-3′ 5′-gtc cag gtc gtc tcg gta ac-3′ 219
pMrp2 5′-gct tgc agt tcg tct gga gt-3′ 5′-caa cag cca caa tgt tgg tc-3′ 191
pOatp1a2 5′-atg ggc cta ggg tgt ttc tt-3′ 5′-agg cat gat ggg agt ttc ac-3′ 246
  1. Primer design was performed on the basis of sequence data available at NCBI ( using Primer3 V0.2 software [47], which is online available ( with default settings.