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Table 2 Antibodies used for immunofluorescent staining of cultured cells

From: Newborn pig trachea cell line cultured in air-liquid interface conditions allows a partial in vitro representation of the porcine upper airway tissue

Target Antibody Dilution
β-tubulin Monoclonal anti-beta-tubuline-Cy3 1/500
  clone TUB 2.1 Sigma C4585  
Mucin Monoclonal anti-human gastric 1/200
  mucin 5 AC clone 45 M1 Sigma M5293  
Z0-1 Purified mouse anti-human ZO-1 1/100
  clone 1/ZO-1 610966 BD Biosciences  
Mouse IgG1 Goat anti-mouse IgG1 AF488 A21121 1/600
  Molecular Probes™ Invitrogen  
Control Mouse IgG1 negative control X0931 Dako 1/50