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Figure 3

From: Regulation of a LATS-homolog by Ras GTPases is important for the control of cell division

Figure 3

Cells lacking NdrC show centrosomal aberrations. A. In comparison to wild-type, B, C multinucleated ndrC-null cells frequently show supernumerous centrosomes. D. Histogram depicting the percentage of normal (centrosomes/nuclei = 1) and aberrant (centrosomes/nuclei > 1) centrosomes in wild-type and ndrC-null cells. E, F. Visualization of mitotic spindles in fixed ndrC-null cells by immunolabeling with anti-α-tubulin antibodies, and staining of DNA with TO-PRO-3. Spindle formation occurs synchronously in multinucleate cells (E), as well as in multinucleate cells with supernumerous centrosomes (F). Bars 5 μm in (A), and, 10 μm in (B), (C), (E), and (F).

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