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Figure 4

From: Induced cytoskeletal changes in bovine pulmonary artery endothelial cells by resveratrol and the accompanying modified responses to arterial shear stress

Figure 4

Passage 7 BPAEC were treated with the following concentration of resveratrol as described in Materials and Methods and then subjected to simulated arterial flow durations, respectively. A) 0 μM, 0 min (control); B) 100 μM; C) 0 μM, 2 min; D) 100 μM, 2 min; E) 0 μM, 5 min; F) 100 μM, 5 min. Similar results were obtained using passage 6 BPAEC (data not shown). Four experiments, using passages 6-7 cells from two different preparation of BPAEC, were performed.

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