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Figure 1

From: Role of delta-tubulin and the C-tubule in assembly of Paramecium basal bodies

Figure 1

Comparison of the predicted δ PT1 sequence - Paramecium tetraurelia (pt) - with the the δ-tubulins from mouse (mm), man (hs), C. reinhardtii (cr) and T.brucei (tb). The aligned sequences are: H. sapiens δ-tubulin: NP07345C; M.musculus δ-tubulin: AF081568; C. reinhardtii δ-tubulin: AAB 71840;P. tetraurelia δ-tubulin: AJ401299; T. brucei δ-tubulin: AAF 32301. The sequences were aligned using the Clustal W1.8 program [21] and adjusted manually.

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