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Table 1 The MID1 and MID2 deletion constructs used in pEGFP-C2 for cellular co-localisation analysis, co-immunoprecipitation and in pPC86/pDBLeu for interaction analysis with Alpha 4. Terms: RF denotes a C3HC4 RING finger; BB denotes C2H2 B-Boxes; CC denotes a Coiled-coil motif; FNIII denotes a Fibronectin Type III domain and CTD denotes a C-terminal domain (encompassing a SPRY domain).

From: MID1 and MID2 homo- and heterodimerise to tether the rapamycin-sensitive PP2A regulatory subunit, Alpha 4, to microtubules: implications for the clinical variability of X-linked Opitz GBBB syndrome and other developmental disorders

Construct Amino Acids deleted
Mid1ΔRF 1–69
Mid1ΔBB 71–213
Mid1ΔCC 214–349
Mid1ΔFNIII 370–473
Mid1ΔCTD 483–667
Mid2ΔRF 1–69
Mid2ΔBB 71–213
Mid2ΔCC 214–349
Mid2ΔFNIII 370–473
Mid2ΔCTD 483–686
BB(Mid1) 1–70 and 214–667
CC(Mid1) 1–213 and 350–667
BBCC(Mid1) 1–70 and 350–667