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Table 1 Fenestrae diameter (nm) after treatment with HALI or di-h-HALI obtained by scanning electron microscopy

From: The new anti-actin agent dihydrohalichondramide reveals fenestrae-forming centers in hepatic endothelial cells

  Fenestrae diameter (nm) ± S.D. ± S.E.M.
Control 212 82 2.3
HALI 182* 75 1.7
di-h-HALI 165* 60 1.3
  1. Note. Comparison of fenestrae diameter between control, HALI- and di-h-HALI-treated LSECs. Results are expressed as mean ± standard deviation (S.D.) and ± standard error of the mean (S.E.M). Data are obtained from three different experiments. * Significant difference in diameter of fenestrae between the control and the LSECs treated with HALI (100 nM for 2 hours) and di-h-HALI (100 nM for 2 hours), (p < 0.0001; Mann-Whitney U test – two sided).