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Figure 5

From: Transforming growth factor-β1 blocks the enhancement of tumor necrosis factor cytotoxicity by hyaluronidase Hyal-2 in L929 fibroblasts

Figure 5

Migration of Hyal-2 to the mitochondria during staurosporine-mediated apoptosis. COS7 cells were transfected with the GFP-Hyal-2 construct using FuGene 6 (Roche) or GeneFector (Venn Nova). The cells were cultured for 24–48 hr and then treated with staurosporine (stauro). Mitochondria (Mito) were stained with Mitotracker Red and nuclei were stained with DAPI. Co-localization analysis showed that there was a time-related increase in co-localization of GFP-Hyal-2 with mitochondria (see merged), suggesting that a portion of GFP-Hyal-2 migrates to the mitochondria during apoptosis. The nuclear stain is shown at the 2- and 4-hr time points only.

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