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Table 1 Excel Formulae used in spreadsheet analysis

From: A new spreadsheet method for the analysis of bivariate flow cytometric data

Formula A (average) {=(IF(D3<4,"x",AVERAGE(IF($A$3:$A$60000=$A2,$B$3:$B$60000))))}
Formula B (cell count) =COUNTIF($A$3:$A$60000,$A2)
Formula C (standard deviation) {=IF(B3="x","x",(STDEV(IF($A$3:$A$60000=$A2,$B$3:$B$60000))))}
Formula D (variance) =IF(B3="x","x",C3^2)
Formula E (99.9% confidence interval) =IF(B3="x",0,CONFIDENCE(0.001,C3,D3))
Formula F (paired students t-test) =IF((AND(B3<>"x",N3<>"x")),(ABS(B3-N3))/(SQRT((F3/D3)+(R3/P3))),"x")
Formula G (degrees of freedom) =IF((AND(B3<>"x",N3<>"x")),((D3+P3)-2),"x")
Formula H (critical t value 99.9%) =TINV(0.001,T3)
Formula I (Significance at 99.9%) =IF((AND(B3<>"x",N3<>"x")),(IF((H3>(LOOKUP(I3,$T$3:$T$1002,$V$3:$V$1002))),980,-50)),-50
  1. Formulae used in spreadsheet calculations to analyse flow cytometric data. See methods for further details on the function of each.