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Table 1 Misexpression of Socs44A exacerbates the reduced viability of hop heteroallic mutants.

From: Two Drosophila suppressors of cytokine signaling (SOCS) differentially regulate JAK and EGFR pathway activities

Genotype hopM38 (n = 213) hopGA32 (n = 332) hopM75 (n = 172)
A- hopx/FM7; en-GAL; TM3 33 52 21
B- hopx/FM7; en-GAL; UAS-socs44A 25 33 28
C- hopx/hopmsv; en-GAL; TM3 11 20 13
D- hopx/hopmsv; en-GAL; UAS-socs44A 0 (E = 8.33) 0 (E = 12.69) 0 (E = 17.33)
  1. Misexpression of Socs44A in a range of hop heteroallelic mutants resulted in lethality. For each mutant combination, x is the allele of hop designated in the column heading, n represents the total number of progeny scored in the cross. E represents the expected number of progeny of that genotype if Socs44A misexpression were to have no effect on viability. The expected value is calculated using the formula A/B=C/D, which takes into account the change in viability imparted by homozygosity for hop relative to heterozygosity and the change in viability for misexpression of Socs44A relative to the GAL4 alone. The progeny scored here are derived from the cross: hopX/Y Dp(1;Y)v+y+hop+; en-GAL4/CyO males mated to hopmsv/FM7; UAS-socs44A/TM3 females.