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Table 1 Classification of trapped genes according to function Trapped genes are listed by the official HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee names, when available. Functional placement of genes or their products are determined by literature assignments. Some genes perform more than one cellular role, and are classified arbitrarily and others have undefined roles.

From: Discovery of mammalian genes that participate in virus infection

Transcription Cytoskeletal-Related Membrane Signalling Vesicle/Trafficking
Brd2 Anx3 Abca4 E2ip2 Anxa1
Brd3 Cald1 Celsr2 Fkbp8 Anxa2
Ctcf Calm2 Csmd2 Fusip1 Atp6v0c
E2f2 Kif13b Erbb2ip Gata4 Copg2
Gtf2e1 Mapt OL16 Grb2 Golga2
Hnrpl Ppm1a Pgy1 Jak1 Hm13
Hoxc13 Rps18 Rab13 Madh7 Igf2r
Hp1-bp74 Stmn1 Serp1 Map3k7ip1 Psa
Id3 Tpm1   Pde4b Rabl3
Zfp7    Rraga Rin2
Znf207    Ryk S100a6
Translation Apoptosis Metabolism Chaperonin Ubiquination/Proteosome
Cstf2 Bcl2l Gas5 Dnaja1 Psma7
Eif3s10 IkBζ Lipc   Ube1c
Srp19 Mical2 Mgat1   
  Rfp2 Pts   
Aptx Hspc135 Ocil Wdr5  
Clr-f Klhl6 Ror1   
Dlx2 Mox2r Scmh1   
Dre1 Numb Trim52