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Figure 3

From: Crosstalk between the actin cytoskeleton and Ran-mediated nuclear transport

Figure 3

Chic impairs nuclear export. Localization of GFP reporter appended with wild-type NLS and NES (B, D, F) or mutant NESP12 (A, C, E) in salivary gland cells. In wild-type (A) and chic mutants (C, E) NLS-NESP12-GFP is predominantly localized to the nucleus. In wild-type salivary glands NLS-NES+-GFP is mostly found in the cytoplasm (B). In contrast, in chic mutants, chic2/chic221 and chic01320 homozygotes, NLS-NES+-GFP is predominantly nuclear (D, F).

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