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Figure 6

From: Mammalian cells lack checkpoints for tetraploidy, aberrant centrosome number, and cytokinesis failure

Figure 6

The combination of double thymidine block and nocodazole treatment causes DNA damage in HDF cells (A) Asynchronous HDF cells were treated with either double thymidine, nocodazole, or blebbistatin individually, then released into BrdU-containing growth media and assayed for S phase entry. For each bar n ≥ 200 cells. (B) Cells were subjected to the treatments in the order double thymidine, nocodazole, blebbistatin. Samples of cells were taken after release from each drug, and S phase entry was assayed. For each bar n ≥ 200 cells. (C) Cells were treated with double thymidine block followed by nocodazole, then stained for γ-H2AX. Scale bar represents 2.5 μm.

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