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Table 3 Accession Numbers for DNA sequences used to compare to PtK2 RTPCR fragments

From: Deciphering protein function during mitosis in PtK cells using RNAi

  Human Mouse Rat
MCAK NM_006845 NM_134471 NM_134472
Eg5 NM_004523 NM_010615 XM_215287
Kif2a NM_004520 NM_008442 XM_345150.1
KifC1 XM_371813.2 NM_016761.1 NM_001005878.1
Kif18a NM_031217 NM_139303.1 XM_342486.1
NFYB NM_006166.3 NM_010914.1 NM_031553.2
RPLP0 NM_001002 BC011106.1 NM_022402