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Table 1 Fission yeast plasmids and strains

From: The fission yeast DNA structure checkpoint protein Rad26ATRIP/LCD1/UVSD accumulates in the cytoplasm following microtubule destabilization

Plasmid/Strain Genotype Origin
pTE169 nmt-rad26 (cDNA) Leu+ al-Khodairy et al., 1994
pTE102 nmt (empty vector) Leu+ Maundrell, 1993
pTW909 nmt-rad24 (full length cDNA isolated from over expression screen, Figure 8) Leu+ This study
TE236 leul-32 ura 4-d18 h - Kostrub et al., 1998
TE257 rad26::ura4 + ade6-704 leul-32 ura4-D18 h - Al-Khodairy et al. (1994)
TE369 nda2-KM52 leu1-32 h + Toda et al., 1983
TE464 rad25::ura4 + ade6-704 leu1-32 ura4-D18 h + Ford et al., 1994
TE465 rad24::ura4 + ade6-704 leu1-32 ura4-D18 h + Ford et al., 1994
TE550 kin1::LEU2 ade6-704 leu1-32 ura4-294 h90 Levin and Bishop, 1990
TE570 rad3::ura4 + ade6-704 leu1-32 ura4-D18 h - Bentley et al., 1996
TE583 cdc25-22 h - Nurse et al., 1976
TE787 rad3::ura4 + ade6-M210 [Ch16 ade6-216] Gift of CR Chapman
TE892 chk1::ura4 + cds1::ura4 + ura4-D18 leu1-32 Gift of C. Kostrub
TE1197 rad26::rad26-gfp (G418 R ) leu1-32 ura4-D18 h -  
TW1207 leu1-, ura-, Cen1-GFP [dis1 promoter 5'-lacI-gfp] (at his7 locus) lacO repeat (at lys1 locus which is 30 Kb from Cen1) h+ Nabeshima et al., 1998
TW1219 mad2::ura4 ura4-D18 leu1-32 h - Sugimoto et al., 2004
TW1222 [Ch16 ade6-216] ade6-210 leu1-32 ura4-D18 Javerzat et al., 1996
TW1224 rad26::ura4 + ade6-210 ura4-D18 [Ch 16 ade6-216] This study
TW1226 leu1-32 pDQ105 (LEU+ nmt-atb2-gfp) h- Ding et al., 1998
TW1235 rad26::ura4 + rad24::ura4 + This study
TW1237 rad25::ura4+ rad26::rad26-gfp (G418R) This study
TW1238 rad24::ura4+ rad26::rad26-gfp (G418R) This study
TW1239 rad22::rad22-gfp (kanr) ade6-210 leu1-32 h- Gift of Miguel Ferrerira
TW1248 rad26::ura4+ ura4-D18 ade6-708 pDQ105 (LEU+ nmt-atb2-gfp) h- This study
TW1261 cdc25-22 Cen1-GFP This study
TW1262 cdc25-22 rad26::ura4+ Cen1-GFP This study