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Figure 1

From: The OXR domain defines a conserved family of eukaryotic oxidation resistance proteins

Figure 1

A Organization of OXR1 and NCOA7 genes. Exon-intron structures both genes are shown. OXR1 is located on Chromosome 8q22, NCOA7 is located on Chromosome 6q22.33. The black boxes represent exons comprising the minimal OXR domains. Exons shown in gray are those regions that are similar in OXR1 and NCOA7. Areas in white are unique to, either NCOA7, or OXR1. The striped exons are exons 10 and 11, which are also unique to OXR1. The length of the lines connecting exons is an indication of the relative size of the intron. B. Shows the comparison of the extent of identity of individual exons (black boxes) and similarity (gray boxes). The exon numbers listed are those of OXR1.

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