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Table 1 Gene expression in neonatal Atf4 KO mice as compared to wild-type littermates

From: PERK eIF2 alpha kinase is required to regulate the viability of the exocrine pancreas in mice

  BiP Chop Xbp1-s Reg2 Pap Mac-2
Fold difference 0.84, n.s. 0.71, n.s. 0.83, n.s. 0.08* 4.93** 1.01, n.s.
  1. n.s.= not significant
  2. *P = 0.01
  3. **P = 0.03
  4. The ratios of KO to WT expression levels for P6-15 are shown. Statistically significant expression differences were determined by Student's t-test. The levels of all genes were normalized to a-tubulin, except Xbp1-s, which was normalized to Xbp1-t. For WT n = 6 and for KO n = 5.