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Table 2 Mitotic kinesin disruptions in simple eukaryotes vs metazoans.

From: Disruption of Four Kinesin Genes in Dictyostelium

Kinesin Family S. cerevisiae Dictyostelium C. elegans Drosophila Human
Mitotic Function      
Kinesin-4 (Chromokin)   Kif8 Klp-19 Klp3A Kif4A, Kif4B
Kinesin-5 (BimC/Eg5) Cin8, Kip1 Kif13 BMK1 Klp61F Eg5
Kinesin-6 (MKLP)   Kif12 Zen-4 Pavarotti MKLP1, MKLP2
Kinesin-7 (CENP-E) Kip2 Kif4, Kif11   CENP-E Meta CENP-E
Kinesin- 8 (Kip3) Kip3 Kif10   Klp67A Kif18
Kinesin-13 (MCAK)   ? Klp-7 KLP10A Kif2A, 2B, MCAK
Kinesin-14 (NCD/Kar3) Kar3 Kif2 Klp-3,15,16,17 Ncd KifC1
Other Function      
Kinesin-3 (Unc104)   Kif1    Kif14
Kinesin-10 (Nod)     Nod Kid
Kinesin12 (Xklp2)    Klp-18   
  1. Normal text (viable), italicized text (not viable) differentiates the individual kinesin-isoform disruptions (knockout, knockdown, or mutation) and their effects on mitosis. The bold text for the kinesin-6 family members indicates cytokinesis defects. In this case, cells can proceed through one or more divisions, but longer term, the mutated protein is essential for organism viability. References for S.c [5], D.d[7-10, 12-14], C.e [39, 47-51], D.m [40], and H.s [15, 52].