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Table 2 Details of the 9 Influenza A virus strains that contain a NP with obpNLS.

From: Application of bioinformatics-coupled experimental analysis reveals a new transport-competent nuclear localization signal in the nucleoprotein of Influenza A virus strain

S. No Accession number Strain Host HN type Features
1 Q1I2B5 A/WSN/1933 TS61 human H1N1 Temperature-sensitive
2 Q1K9H2 A/WSN/1933 human H1N1 N/A
3 Q9DLK6 A/WSN/1933 mice H1N1 Persistent infection
4 Q5Q142 A/swine/Korea/S109/2004 swine H9N2 N/A
5 Q5Q165 A/swine/Korea/S190/2004 swine H9N2 N/A
6 Q5Q173 A/swine/Korea/S175/2004 swine H1N1 N/A
7 Q5Q179 A/swine/Korea/S83/2004 swine H9N2 N/A
8 Q5Q187 A/swine/Korea/S81/2004 swine H9N2 N/A
9 Q5Q195 A/swine/Korea/S10/2004 swine H1N1 N/A
  1. HN type = hemagglutinin and neuraminidase classification type; N/A = data not available