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Table 1 Summary of sec26 mutants and genetic interactions with GLO3

From: Mutational analysis of βCOP (Sec26p) identifies an appendage domain critical for function

Name Mutations Restrictive temperature1 GLO3 suppression? glo3 Δ synthetic lethality?
FW F856A W860A 40° YES YES
TDD T536A D903A D904A (sec26-1) 34° YES YES
7A4 K659R I681V D759V S810P C905S I938V L950S 37° YES YES
7D15 S725Y K732N N772I H774R F777Y F799I K915M K964T 37° YES YES
9C15 C678S F693S D759G Y823C V838A I842T Y913H 37° YES YES
10D22 R672G I727T V743G K807R T877A 37° YES YES
10D25 L651Q K659E H839P I846T F863I A959S 37–40° YES YES
11A3 K659E K679N I733L Y744C F754S Y832N A851V F863L I893T I938L V973A 37° YES YES
12B6 N680T R691W D741G F817Y M859V 37–40° YES YES
1A11 F856A W860A D904A C905S 37–40 YES +/-
11D26 E633D I733T D741V T769P F802L (sec26-2) 37° YES +/-
12D18 Q661R S740P V806A F907Y F918S 37° YES +/-
11C15 S628P I785V M859I L950S D956V H972Y 37° YES +/-
7D20 S740P I785T N793S K801E F863S A951T 37° YES no
9A1 I598N S728T D759V D823G I846T H855L I869L G901R 37° YES no
10D24 V623A S628T P636A V757A T779S W860R K887R T895A K933E A962T 37° YES no
11B10 L773Q I795T H839L N966Y 37° YES no
11C13 Q607L M624V L646P H670P C678S I846T T877I N890S E920V K963E 34° YES no
9C16 S626P K655R N793H T803S G818S N836D K868R E929K Q948L K963R 37–40° YES no
5A7 E633G N635Y E663G K666R F690L R691W S728L V756D Q776R D921G S932T L950M 34° no YES
7C13 F650L G695S H797Q I821N W860L E902G 34° no YES
7D17 K655N A665T D676G Q702R Q776H G781C Y822N D844E F863Y R883S 37° no YES
7D18 K614R L780H V794E A825V L885M C910R C927S A962S 37° no YES
9A2 Q607R K669M I846F M859V F907L F918Y 40° no YES
9C14 D697N D704H S740T I820T R831C I842V I928F S932T 37° no YES
10C20 S608T D616E D676G F693L D704G S726G P735H E746K H774Y F799L K847I F856Y 34° no YES
10D26 I598T R622G A718P T722I P735L K767E H839P T850S N890S D921E N966Y T971A 37° no YES
11B11 I615F L646Q K715R F817S F863L K872E M891L L950S 34–37° no YES
11C14 R622G K679G A694D A924V C927S V937D 40° no YES
11D30 A649E C910R S917P 37° no YES
11C20 D676N L730R F754L N772Y A830D I834N D852V S917T F918I 37° no YES
7A5 S619F L620V D709E R957G 40° no +/-
11C19 V600D F658S L712Q Q753H Q776R N836I T965A 37° no +/-
7D16 S628T L712Q P789S V794E D829V I846F I961F2 34–37° no no
11B8 I615F R660G S724C S916P K964E L970H 40° no no
11B9 E617V I629S K715I T889S A924V A959H3 34° no no
11C16 I662F V701G H720P V743G K784R F856I K887E 40° no no
11C17 L620I M624I L646P T654S T686M I749V V794G N867S K868G 37° no no
11D25 S628P A718S I733M P796T A825V Y832F3 37–40° no no
12C13 S628P G798C F802S E866G Y913C 34° no no
  1. 1 restrictive temperature on SCGalactose media
  2. 2 also contains additional residues at COOH-terminus 974WTTLS978
  3. 3 also contains deletion of COOH-terminal residues 960–973