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Figure 3

From: The androgen receptor can signal through Wnt/β-Catenin in prostate cancer cells as an adaptation mechanism to castration levels of androgens

Figure 3

AR agonists inhibit the Wnt and AR synergy. PC3 cells in phenol-red free RPMI with 5% charcoal-stripped serum in 96 well plates were transfected with the indicated plasmids, together with pCMV-Renilla reporter and PSA-luciferase (A, C, & E) or LEF-Luciferase (B, D, & F). The following treatments were applied to cells 4 hours after transfection: 10 nM DHT (A & B); 10 uM Nilutamide (C & D); 10 uM Bicalutamide (E & F). Dual luciferase assays were performed 20–24 hours after treatment.

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