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Table 1 Description of primers used for qRT-PCR

From: The effects of acacia honey on in vitro corneal abrasion wound healing model

Primer Accession number Primer sequence Product size
GAPDH NM_001082253 F:caa cga att tgg cta cag ca 186
R:aaa ctg tga aga ggg gca ga
CK3 XM_002711005 F:gac tcg gag ctg aga agc at 198
R:cag ggt cct cag gaa gtt ga
Fibronectin XM_002712573 F:gga atg cac cag aac cat ct 201
R:agt cga agc gtg tca cct ct
CD44 XM_002709049 F:cat cct cac ctc caa cac ct 202
R:gtt gct ggg att gat gtc ct