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Table 3 Data extrapolated from Viscotek analysis of experiment concerning the degradation of H-HA, L-HA and H-HA/L-HA complex in presence of BTH at 24 h. The decrease percentage of HHA and of LHA analyzed through the software (Δ%HHA > 1000 kDa and %LHA <200 kDa) were calculated as the (Mw fraction at t0-Mw fraction t24h/Mw fraction at t0)

From: In vitro analysis of the effects on wound healing of high- and low-molecular weight chains of hyaluronan and their hybrid H-HA/L-HA complexes

Sample Δ %HHA > 1MDa Δ %LHA <200 kDa
HHA 50 128
H-HA/L-HA 6.25 1.44