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Table 1 Summary of the most recent progress in our understanding of connexin subtypes in growth and metastasis of various cancers

From: Connexin and pannexin channels in cancer

Connexin Cancer type Description Reference
Cx43 Breast Different effects on MCF-7 and MDA-MB231 in 2-D and 3-D cell cultures [65]
Cx43 Breast Peptide ACT1 increase GJ and impairs cell proliferation/survival [116]
Cx43 Breast CM from breast cancer cells decreases Cx43 gap junctions [96]
Cx43 Gastric cancer cells Increase in diapedesis and transmigration through intercellular space between mesothelial cells [90]
Cx43 Mammalian cancer stem-like cells miRNA-206 represses pro-apoptotic PDCD4 and Cx43 [76]
Cx43 Prostate With Snail-1 to repress E-cadherin and promotes EMT, mobility and invasiveness [88]
Cx43 Prostate Cx43 knockdown, not gap junctions inhibits migration/invasion of four prostate cancer cell lines [98]
Cx43 Osteosarcoma miRNA-23a suppresses Cx43 [77]
Cx43 Neuroblastoma & glioma, leukemia A direct link of Cx43 and CCN in anti-proliferative function [67]
Cx43 C6 glioma Cx43 antibody in rats increases survival and even more with radiotherapy [122]
Cx43 Glioma Cx43 increases resistance to TMZ via mitochondrial apoptosis pathway [136]
Cx43 Astrocytomas & glioblastomas Increased Cx43 expression in human tumors [125]
Cx43 Brain metastasis GJ with endothelial cells to promote metastatic lesion [86]
Cx43 Lung adenocarcinoma Increased incidence by DMBA in Cx43 heterozygous knockout mice [62]
Cx43 Non-small Lung cancer Cx43 reduction as a marker for cisplatin-chemotherapy [132]
Cx43 Non-small Lung cancer Cx43 overexpression reverses EMT and cisplatin resistance and deletion has opposing effects [134]
Cx43 Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) HCMV reduces Cx43 and gap junctions [64]
Cx43 GBM Cx43 increased in TMZ-resistant cells by EGFR signaling [135]
Cx43 Mesothelioma Increases sensitivity to sunitinib via interaction with Bax [109]
Cx43 Oral carcinoma Cx43 correlates as a prognostic biomarker [130]
Cx43 HBV hepatocellular carcinoma Cx43 expression correlates with early tumor recurrence and survival [133]
Cx43 Ras-transformed NIH-3 T3 cell Cx43 5′ UTP active in transformed cell and 3′ UTP active in normal cell [72]
Cx32 Prostate Increased by Vit.D3 and sensitizes cells to growth inhibition by Vit.D3 [63]
Cx32 Pancreatic and prostate cancer Cx32 C-terminus required for growth and stability of gap junctions [68]
Cx37 Gastric tumors Cx37 siRNA negatively correlated with cancer development and promotes apoptosis [124]
Cx26 Cervical cancer-HeLa Redistribute cAMP and blocks cell cycle progression [69]
Cx46 & Cx43 Glioblastoma cancer stem cell Cx46, not Cx43 is detected; During differentiation, Cx46 reduced and Cx43 increased [126]
Cx30 & Cx43 Breast Cx30 deletion and mutation in human tumors; Cx30/Cx43 as potential prognostic markers [128]