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Fig. 3

From: Role of tbc1 in Drosophila embryonic salivary glands

Fig. 3

Tbc1 localizes to the trans portion of the trans Golgi. A single SG stained for GM130 (cis-Golgi), Tbc1, and Golgin-245 (trans-Golgi). a GM130 (geen) and Golgin-245 (magenta) channels. b GM130 (green) and Tbc1 (magenta) channels. c Golgin-245 (green) and Tbc1 (magenta) channels. Arrows indicate a puncta, white arrow: overlap of all three markers; yellow arrow: overlap of tbc1 and Golgin-245 only. Scale Bar: 5 μm; “higher mag of region indicated in”

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