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Fig. 5

From: Role of tbc1 in Drosophila embryonic salivary glands

Fig. 5

Loss and mis-expression of tbc1 affects the efficiency of SG secretion. a Salivary glands stained for EnP1, an antibody raised to Engrailed that cross-reacts with both secretory vesicles and SG secretions. b Ratio of signal intensities across the SG lumens compared to intensities across the cells for the nine different genotypes. For each gland, measurements were taken from 2D images for three separate slices. Note that the wild type sample had the highest average ratio, suggesting more efficient delivery of secretory content to the lumen. The average for WT was significantly different than all other genotypes based on a one tailed unpaired T-Test. * p-value<‚ÄČ0.03

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