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Fig. 3

From: ECOD: identification of distant homology among multidomain and transmembrane domain proteins

Fig. 3

Homologous transmembrane topologies among type II ABC transporter transmembrane domains. Cartoon diagrams for ABC transporter TMDs in the same X group. The four shared TM segments with the same fold among them are colored blue, cyan, green, and yellow from N- to C-terminus. Two additional C-terminal TM segments are colored orange and red in ABCG, ABCA, and LptF/G structures. Other TM segments are colored gray. The TM segments are sequentially numbered from N- to C-terminus for each structure. Canonical coupling helix shared among them are colored magenta, and the additional coupling helix is colored pink for MacB and type I exporter. Substrate-binding domains in between TM segments are shown as gray objects for MacB, ABCA1, and LptF/G. Top panel contains the H group type II exporters. Pfam family names are shown in parentheses. These diagrams are based on these structures: MacB - 5ws4; ABCG5/8 - 5do7; ABCA1 - 5xjy; LptF/G - 5x5y, type I importer - 3dhw; and type I exporter - 5mkk

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