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Fig. 6

From: ECOD: identification of distant homology among multidomain and transmembrane domain proteins

Fig. 6

Structural similarity between PAN3 and Caprin-1 dimerization domains. PAN3 dimerization domain (PAN3 DD) and Caprin-1 dimerization domain (Caprin-1 DD) structures. a PAN3 DD dimer (PDB 4cyi, chains C and D, residues 498–631). b Caprin-1 DD dimer (PDB 4wbe, chains B and C, residues 133–251). Structurally corresponding SSEs in PAN3 DD and Caprin-1 DD are in the same color. Loops and noncorresponding SSEs are in gray. Each monomer is colored in rainbow from N-terminus (blue) to C-terminus (red). The two monomers in a dimer are colored in the same way except one is darker and the other is lighter

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