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Fig. 3

From: New STAT3-FOXL2 pathway and its function in cancer cells

Fig. 3

STAT3 and FOXL2 are both involve in HeLa cell apoptosis. The effects of STAT3 and FOXL2 on cancer cell apoptosis were detected using flow cytometry detection. Cells transfected with different concentrations of STAT3 siRNA (c, d) and FOXL2 siRNA (e, f) exhibited relatively higher R2 and R3 rates than control (a) and negative siRNA transfection (b). FL1-FITC: Annexin V-FITC was used to detect early apoptosis. FL2-PI: propidium iodide (PI) to detect late apoptosis. R1: living cells, R2: early apoptosis, R3: late apoptotic cells, R4: dead cells. g Cell morphology of Annexin V-FITC and PI staining during apoptosis. h Real-time cell viability was detected after treatment with STAT3 inhibitor. Normal HeLa cells were plated onto an electrode-containing plate (e-plate) where they adhered for 24 h, and then were treated with 1, 5 or 10 μM concentrations of various STAT3 inhibitors. Cell viability was tracked using the xCelligence real-time viability system, and each experiment was repeated at least two times

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